Our next Provision will be Sunday, March 9, 2014. Proposals are due by 5PM on Friday, February 21, 2014.

To propose a project, read and complete the below proposal guidelines. Thoughtful, clear, and concise responses are encouraged. Provision organizers will be in touch with you when we have received your proposal and by Wednesday February 26 will select the proposals that best meet Provision’s goals to be included in the event. We encourage projects that consider and reflect community needs in innovative ways. As part of dinner, included proposers will give a short (3 minute) presentation with a few minutes for follow up questions. Non-digital visual aids are welcome. Proposal text will also be included in our “menu.”

Before crafting your proposal, please consider the following:

· How will this grant impact your project?
· Who does this project benefit – which individuals, what communities?
· Why is your project a good match for Provison’s community-supported funding?
· If you win, how will you present your progress at a future Provision?

Important Note: Please write your proposal using the following format. Deviation from this format, including word counts, will delay or disqualify your proposal.

Important Note 2: Your proposal text will be placed on Provision “menus” to be read and voted on by attendees.

Step 1: The Basics.

First and last names of the project leader and any project collaborators

Contact information for project leader: Name, email address, phone number.

A. Project title (8 words maximum)
B. Project summary (100 words maximum)
C. Project timeline – and when would you share about its progress/completion at an upcoming Provision? (60 words maximum)
D. How will the funding assist the realization of your project? (60 words maximum)
E. How is your project relevant – to you, to a local community, or to the city or Providence? (60 words maximum)

Step 2: Gather your imagery.

We request that you submit up to 4 images that will appear alongside your written proposal. Images can help communicate both the specifics and broad scope of your project.

Step 3: Email your written proposal and images to providenceprovision [at] gmail [ dot] com

Your written proposal, formatted as described above, should be attached as a text-only Microsoft Word (.doc) file.


Please do not submit PDF files, and do not type the proposal into the body of your email. We cannot accept hard copies of proposals.

Your images should be delivered as JPEG or PNG files, up to 1 megabyte each, and must be suitable for output at 150 dpi at 8″ x 10″.


Please do not embed images into your Word file. Images that are larger than 1 megabyte will be discarded. We cannot accept hard copies of images.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation and start inviting your friends!

We will let you know at least five days before the upcoming Provision if your proposal has been selected for the “menu.”


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