How Does It Work?


Guest chefs prepare a simple menu of soup, bread, and dessert for a base price of $10 a guest. Vegetarian and vegan options are always available. Drinks may be purchased a la carte, and donations of greater than $10 are always appreciated. Musical entertainment is provided for mealtime enjoyment. Provision supports local farmers and grocers when possible and gratefully accepts food donations.

Up to four proposals seeking funding are presented on “menus” at each dinner table. Guests hear presentations from proposer-s, read the proposals, and discuss them with others at their table. Each guest scores the proposals based on a common rubric. The highest scored proposal is funded with the net proceeds from dinner, and if possible a secondary award to the second-highest scored proposal is also granted. Awards, based on attendance, are between $200 and $750.

Documentation of funded projects is presented at future Provision meal gatherings.


2 Responses to How Does It Work?

  1. David Karoff says:

    I’m interested in hearing more and, perhaps, joining in on 2/20. Please keep me posted. Thanks.

  2. Karsten Schulz says:

    Jeremy – This is a fantastic idea / concept! Please keep me posted.

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