Our Goals


In a creative funding environment where financial support for experimental projects is minimal and often dictated by the priorities of granting entities, innovative and potentially controversial work is compromised in order to fit within categories deemed “fundable.” When we pool our communal resources, these exploratory projects become possible and achievable. We also spark important dialogue about the availability and distribution of resources.

Community participation in the grant funding process is a key aspect of Provision. Applying for a Provision grant is intentionally simple and un-bureaucratic in order to encourage broad participation. This enables us to stimulate and promote experimental, critical, and imaginative practices that may not be eligible for formal funding.

A Provision grant also serves as a way to build a network of support beyond one-time monetary assistance. We like to think of Provision as an open platform to discuss ongoing projects with new audiences, as well as a chance to meet new collaborators, and to share new ways of working. Our mealtime events are as much about community-building as they are about supporting individual projects.

Note: Some of the above text is borrowed from our friends at InCUBATE and FEAST. Thanks friends!


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