March 2014 Recap

Our eighth Provision was Sunday, March 9. We were thrilled to host Provision at Aurora, a soon-to-open art space in Downtown Providence. Many, many thanks to all the folks who came out and helped – by proposing, volunteering, voting,  and, as always, by eating.

AnjelAuroraMarch stats:

We fed 120 or so people, including volunteers.

We spent about $726 on the meal and other event-related set-up items.

We collected $788 via PayPal (RSVPs), an additional $360 at the door/for cash reservations, and $567 for a la carte beverages.

We awarded $700 to Hip Hop Magazine, presented by Medusah Black, and $200 to Block by Block Artists’ Residency Program, presented by Amy Walsh (see proposal info in the menu below). We used the balance of reservation, door, and beverage monies to cover event costs.

Voting was based on a tiered system: Diners nominated their first, second, and third choice proposals. First place = 3 points, second place = 2 points, third place = 1 point. Most overall points received the Provision grant (and a bouquet of flowers).

Download the March menu here:  Provisions March 2014. Proposals are within. Please note the file is arranged to print in book-form, so text on opposite pages does not align.


Special thanks to Andrew Cook, Nicole Anderson, Carolyn Gennari, Sarah Schumann, Lena Sawyer, Liza Carroll, Natasha Brooks-Sperduti, Kah Yangni, Adam Foldi, Frank Teng, Julie Pittman, Simcha Davis, Sephi Allen, Ian Cozzens, Tess Brown-Lavoie, John Jacobsen, Dyan Dealy, Sophie Candelaria, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Rebecca Noon, Jennine Bressner, Mike Berendsen, John Demetrick, Rob Pecchia, Lara Henderson, James Rutter, the AS220 Printshop, Sam White, Aurora, AS220. Extra special thanks to Simcha Davis from AS220 Youth for our beautiful logo and to Lena Sawyer and Gianna Rodriguez at AS220 Youth for our stunning posters.

We are, as always, seeking feedback from dinner guests and proposers about their experiences at Provision. If you have thoughts, or would like to volunteer at a future Provision, don’t hesitate to contact us at providenceprovision [at] gmail [dot] com.

See photos from March 9 here:

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